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It’s been nearly two years since the original release of FROM THE ASHES. Since that time, my debut novel has received some truly impressive reviews, become the #1 best-selling Historical Thriller on Amazon (on my wedding day, no less), and received a stellar re-release from my new publisher, The Story Plant. Nearly 100,000 physical and ebook copies have been sold and downloaded, and, most importantly, it’s given me a wonderful following of loyal fans.

Though you have supported my writing by buying my book (sometimes multiple copies or across multiple platforms), liking me on Facebook, following me on Twitter, and by telling friends about me and FROM THE ASHES in person or online, all of my fans seem to have one burning question: when is the next book coming out. Your answer, my friends, is “very soon.”

As many of you already know, I lived and worked in Dubai (yes, that Dubai) for two years after graduating from college. It was a fascinating place full of more architectural superlatives than any other city on earth, and although I am excited to tell the next story in Jonathan Rickner’s adventures, I realized that there was another story that had to be told first: one that is steeped in some of the most controversial issues of our day and set in the most iconic locations (and some equally fascinating places off the tourist track) an explosive new world city that I have intimate knowledge of.  And though Jon won’t be returning for this adventure, another key character from FROM THE ASHES will be stepping in to the leading role.

THE DUBAI BETRAYAL is the first book in a new spin-off series starring Wayne Wilkins and a newly formed group of black ops commandos answerable only to the president himself. A new crisis strikes the Middle East, one The Dubai Betrayal coverthat threatens to destabilize the entire region and plunge the United States into a devastating war from which the country would never recover. When the U.S. Ambassador to Israel is taken hostage in the glittering desert metropolis of Dubai, a covert team of elite operatives – led by black ops veteran Wayne Wilkins – are sent in to rescue her. But there are unseen forces at work that threaten the operation: the terrorists’ uncanny ability to predict the operatives’ moves, a tense alliance that forces the team underground, and a dark secret held by the ambassador herself – a secret that could destroy nations. It soon becomes clear that Wayne and his team are merely pawns in a larger game – one involving Iran’s nuclear program, the Israeli peace process, and a shocking conspiracy that spans continents – and the only way to avoid being sacrificed in the impending maelstrom is to recover the ambassador and the secret she guards before the terrorists can spark an all-consuming World War III.

Since I spent two years living and exploring Dubai (and other Middle Eastern locations that will appear in the book), you can be sure that THE DUBAI BETRAYAL will have the authentic feel of an insider. It’s somewhat different than FROM THE ASHES (more Tom Clancy than Dan Brown), but it’s a great fit for the story, the city, and of course, our new hero.

THE DUBAI BETRAYAL is currently slated for worldwide English-language release in July. I’ll be doling out more teasers and tidbits between now and then to further whet your appetite.

And because of my new publisher’s distribution network, THE DUBAI BETRAYAL will be available in stores as well as online. The number of books available in-store will depend on how many preorders are received, so be sure to pre-order from your local bookstore as soon as you can (it is already available for preorder in the U.S.; the U.K. and other English-language international markets – including Dubai – should be available soon).

To celebrate, the new version of FROM THE ASHES is on sale for only $1.99 on Kindle and iBooks this weekend. THE DUBAI BETRAYAL takes place shortly after FROM THE ASHES, so be sure you and your friends are caught up on Wayne’s adventures before the new one begins this summer.

4 Responses to “The next book is…”

  1. Mike McGlauchlin says:

    Can’t wait to read The Dubai Betrayal. BUT, why is From The Ashes on sale only at Amazon and ibooks?? What about those of us with NOOK or Kobe? Please make it equal across the board for all ebook platforms.

    Thanks and keep up the great writing!!!

    • Jeremy Burns says:

      Hi Mike,

      From the Ashes was supposed to be on sale on Nook as well, and it was on Friday, but something happened on Barnes & Noble’s end late last night and their prices reverted to the pre-sale amount. Believe me, I wish it had stayed on sale like it was supposed to, but unfortunately it was an issue with the store’s systems and there’s nothing my publisher or I can do to fix it. It is also on Kobo, so my apologies for omitting that from the original post.

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Mike McGlauchlin says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Congratulations on the wedding. I hope the first 9+ months have been everything you hoped for and more. Is there a target date for publication for The Dubai Betrayal? Keep up the great writing!!!!

    • Jeremy Burns says:

      Hi Mike,

      I’m so sorry for the delay on writing you back here. Thanks so much for your congratulations! Married life is great. I’m finishing up DUBAI now, and it should be released sometime early next spring (March or so). After I finish it and my publisher approves the draft, I’ll probably have a better idea. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon (at, although the listed release date of February 24 is just a placeholder and will likely be moving back by a month or so. As soon as I have something official, I’ll make a big announcement. Thanks so much for your continued support, Mike! People like you not only make this possible, but you also make it that much more rewarding.

      All my best,

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